How To Get Rid Off Teeth Pain

Whatever be the reason for toothache, but it is very painful and unbearable. Due to toothache, sometimes headaches and even swelling of the face occur. In such a situation, you can neither eat nor sleep. Toothache can occur at any age and its intensity also varies. Teeth pain occurs due to worms in the teeth, decay, getting stuck in the teeth, infection, gum disease, etc.

Distance from nature has increased the problem – Teeth Pain

In the olden times, people were not bothered much by the problem of teeth, one of the main reasons was to be close to nature. People used a variety of herbs, from neem teeth to teeth, which were helpful in protecting the teeth. His lifestyle was simple and food was also pure and nutritious. Nowadays the life of the runaway, junk food, chemical-rich beverages, all these have become a part of the life of the common man. In this case, a little carelessness can cost a lot. Nowadays dental problems can be seen even in young children.

How To Get Rid Off Teeth Pain

How To Take Care Of Toothache – Home Remedies For Teeth Pain

  1. Rinse off immediately after eating anything. Especially after eating sweets, gargle with water and drink a sip.
  2. Do not eat cold cheese immediately after eating hot cheese, while do not eat hot cheese after cold. Doing so weakens the teeth.
  3. Avoid eating things that are too hot and too cold.
  4. Drink homemade beverages instead of cold drinks. Lemonade is a better drink for teeth.
  5. Be sure to brush before sleeping.

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Home Remedies For Teeth Pain

  1. In severe toothache, apply clove oil in a cotton swab and keep it on the tooth. Cloves can also be pressed if there is no oil. Clove is believed to numb the area, thereby relieving pain. Cloves also have anti-bacterial properties.
  2. A piece of ginger is also helpful in toothache. Crush a piece of ginger and press it into the
  3. the place of insects, you will get relief in a few days.
  4. Salt and pepper are very useful in toothache, as both of them have antibacterial properties. For this, make a paste by mixing water in salt and pepper. Use it on the affected area. Keep tooth and close the mouth. Suck ginger juice slowly, you will get relief in some time.
  5. Asafoetida is present in everyone’s kitchen. Soak asafetida in lemon juice and apply it on the painful area, it is a very effective treatment for toothache.
  6. Raw onion is very beneficial for teeth. It has antibacterial properties. If you do not refrain from eating onions, then include it in salads.
  7. If there is a worm in the tooth, gargle with onion juice. By keeping a piece of onion daily on applying it till you get relief.
  8. Garlic is also very beneficial in toothache. Crush garlic and add white or black salt to it. Keep your mouth closed by keeping it on the painful area.
  9. Gargling with lukewarm water and salt also provides relief in toothache. If swelling has come due to pain, then it will also benefit in that.
  10. Put the pan on the fire and add water to it and add alum. When the alum absorbs the water, take it off the flame and grind it. Now add turmeric to one-fourth of it. Apply this mixture on the painful area or cavity.
  11. Mixing oil in ground white or rock salt and massaging it with finger also provides relief in toothache. Using this paste as a paste is beneficial for teeth.
  12. Boiling the bark of Jamun tree and gargling with water provides relief in gum inflammation.
  13. Even if there is blood coming from the teeth, rinsing with salt water gives relief.
  14. Sesame oil and clove oil provide relief in toothache. Massage the tooth by mixing salt in sesame oil, it will get relief in pain.
  15. Boiling guava leaves in water and rinsing also benefits the teeth. Boil guava leaves in water for a long time and cool this water. Do not cool at all, rinse with it as soon as it is lukewarm. It also provides relief in toothache.

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